On the Field of Hope - Despite of all the supply chain disruptions, zero-case lockdown and still rising positive cases, MPW's team members managed to deliver this delayed project to our customer in the rural area of Anhui Province, on time and within budget!

Agritech sector is a fast-growing sector with great potential to benefit sustainable agriculture practice and eventually enrich the community as well as increase farmers' incomes. While urban farming is trendy for food security and food safety, there are also huge opportunities in rural areas and underdeveloped communities requesting practical and tailored tech solutions. At MPW, we work with all stakeholders to deliver our tailored products and bespoke services.

MPW Technologies International has started new rounds of experiments of our strategic partner Jeffrey Sutantyo Bio-Green Planet’s stellar growth enhancement product “Sunrise” at our state-of-the-art self-powered #greenhouse , in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of China. It will be exciting to see the performance with a variety of crops with different growing methods. So much potential and huge market! Strawberry to be harvested in Dec.

#agritech #greenenergy #greentech

MPW Technologies International's demo project with Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences under Ministry of Agriculture to showcase #lowcarbon #energy-efficient #greenhouse with modern #agritech was featured by CCTV app this month! https://lnkd.in/giij7u8J

Water, energy, and agriculture are the bedrock of modern civilisation. Modern technologies promise to improve food production and reduce water use, while also creating energy and additional revenue. #Agrivoltaics is a symbiotic system where the solar panels and the #crops benefit each other. Essentially, the #colocation allows growers to harvest the power of the sun twice and the combination of solar photovoltaic energy production with agriculture also improves land-use efficiency. It provides a rare chance for true synergy: more food, green energy, water conservation, lower carbon emissions, and more prosperous rural communities.

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MPW: #Motherearth, #Photonics , #Wavelength.

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